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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  August 28.
   In 1640: Newburn, Covenanters defeat English Source: ToW
   In 1455: Sinclair Earl of Caithness, William Sinclair, still [2]Earl
   of Orkney, also granted [3]Earldom of Caithness [4]Under Scottish law.
   [5]Tomorrow:  August 29.
   In 1877: Brigham Young d.,
   In 1695: Darien Company First Meeting, First regular meeting of "the
   gentlemen concerned with the Company" in London.
   In 284: Era of Diocletian, Commonly used for dating. Also called Era
   of Martyrs by Eusebius and early ecclesiastical writers.
   In 26 B.C.: Egyptian Year, Augustus reforms the Egyptian calendar.


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