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Laura Zolo's arrival in Nova Scotia

Dear Cousins,
     I hope that there might be some of you who have been anticipating
Laura's arrival and can now whisk off to be part of the welcoming
celebration.   I'm doomed to miss everything this year.  One of the definite
guests will be Nicolo Zeno, descendant of THE Nicolo Zeno of Prince Henry
St. Clair voyage fame.  Also it is expected that there will be a good
official Italian representation.  It is wonderful to bring this new segment
into our midst, don't you think.  Representatives of the Mi'maq nation will
be attending.  Niven will be there and I believe Tim Wallace and Marilyn
Below is the message from D'Elayne Coleman, Pres. of the Prince Henry
Sinclair Society of North America that is sponsoring the events on the 8th.
The following day, 9th of Sept. there will be events sponsored by Clan
Sinclair Canada including the presentation of the Sword of Peace to the
Mic'maq nation by Laura Zolo.   More information will be coming but get
those plane reservations made or fill up the car and get going.  She doesn't
say, but I think this will be at Guysborough, NS.  Not sure where Clan
Canada will be holding their events??Laurel
Laura's arrival is to be at 2:30 P.M. on Friday Sept.8.There will be free
franks and hamburgers for all. At 5:30 P.M  there will be a welcoming
cocktail party at the Masonic Hall. It is an invitation party but if any
Sinclairs or visitors from the web discussion list come,
tell them to just come and ask for me. They will surely be welcome. We
to have speakers and music. The protocol has been difficult to announce
because of the change of date and the uncertainty of Laura's arrival. She
called me today and will
be arriving on time for sure . She is in Labrador..    I will keep you
of any definite guests as soon as I get the definite answering.


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