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Came across this posting on another list. Can any of you Canadians add anything
?. I had not come across the cross of Lorraine story before.



 In Potten township , Quebec ' they found a settlement , several  buildings
> > , a mill and what looks to be the beginning of a large structure (  maybe
> > a large dam ) that never went beyond the quarrying of the stones and
> > partially moving them towards a destination .  The stones are 10 feet
> > long, 6  feet wide and, 14 inches thick . They are seperated by small
> > stones and leaned against each other in a river , believed to have been
> > exposed to weather for  five hundred years .
> >

> Gerard Leduc wrote a serious account of this site titled Templars in New
> France in 1992 , he was and could still be , a professor at Monteal's
> Concordia University . The area is Vale Perkins , Potton Township , Quebec .

> > In Pennsylvania , a carved rock has a description of a  four horned demon
> > , some believe it to be s description of "Baphomet" ? .
> >The carving is south of the new york stateline in northern pennsylvania ,
> location is not released to prevent vandalism . The sites are being
> investigated further .

> > In  the same area a carved head similar to the apprentice has been found
> > and is  believed to be 450 - 600 years old .
> >
> The head was found in 1958 , by a deer hunter , who took it home and washed
> off to reveal all the features , it has a wound on the top of the head and a
> deep gash in the left side of the neck . It was used as a doorstop for years
> until someone regognized it's importance .

> Michael Bradley wrote a second book based on his previous theories "Grail
> Knights of North America" , he sheds some light on some of these items as
> as the historical societies in pennsylvania , The book by Leduc is in the
> Concordia Historical department archives , i do not know of any copy on the
> market but it may still be available .

There is a swath of land through Nova Scotia full of Templar/Sinclair related
sites as well it extends south towards New England and move north towards the
St. Lawrence and the Niagara thicket , that has produced several large
settlements of similar rubblework technique as well as quarrying of large
mattress like stones , crosses of lorraine have been found , no less than
and historians claim they were probably cheap trade trinkets for the ignorant
savages . I've seen the sites in Nova Scotia , felt the carvings , heard
bothsides of the arguement and it seems for sure "in my opinion" , and numerous
others , that there is a definant Welsh/Celtic , Irish , Egyptian ,
Templar/Sinclair , influence in construction in Nova Scotia prior to the 15th
century , there is also evidence to prove foreign influence around 1500 b.c.

It is obvious when you see the immensity of the site behind Waverly N.S. , that
somebody was here , the front wall facing the harbor is almost 700 feet long ,
to 7 feet wide , and 4 to 20 feet high , built in rubblework technique , using
the natural cliff line and stones readily available , there is definately one
large oddly shaped , five-sided , building with fireplace as well as what could
be an alter or shrine area that has three steps that raise to a natural 8 foot
high cliff where a 3 sided enclosure with a slab of natural rock in the center
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