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I received this mail and I forward it to the list in the hope that
someone might know something to help this girl out. Answer to her


        Help requested
        Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:12:41 -0400
        Julia Spicer <jspicer@mcdowell.main.nc.us>


I am fairly new at researching  my Sinclair family.  I just saw today on
"sinclair-digest V2#187" a request for help in finding Duncan Sinclair,
born in Scotland but lived in Moore Co., NC.  I believe this might be a
link to my family.  I don't know yet how to get a question on the
sinclair-digest;  therefore, I turn to you.

My problem stems from the fact that I do not know the first name of my
gg grandfather Sinclair, who was born in Scotland, for whom I am
searching.  He  married Rebecca Fennelson, (b. abt. 1794).  They had 2
sons:  Duncan F. Sinclair (1833-1906) who married Sarah Ann Stuart (b.
1835)  and Daniel F. Sinclair (1831-1918).  All of the above (except for
the father from Scotland) were born in North Carolina and lived in Moore
County, NC.

Can you help me in some way?  Is this something that I can get to the
Sinclair family discussion list?  I will appreciate so very much your
advice and/or assistance!

Julia English Spicer, Route 3, Box 277, Marion, NC  28752
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