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Rosslyn Secrets Revealed

To Niven and clan, 

Can anyone advise what is this book that is being re-printed?
This article appeared in the Rampant Scotland site on the internet, current
I immediately, thought of Niven and his findings from the Bodhelian library.
Please, advise me as I am jumping out of my skin with anticipation and

from http://www.RampantScotland.com/letter.html

Rosslyn Secrets Revealed
There have been countless rumours about what lies in the vaults deep below
Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, not far from Edinburgh. The Chapel has a long
association with the Knights Templar, an ancient order going back to the
days of the Crusades. Theories have been floated suggesting that anything
from the Holy Grail to a lost Gospel or the Ark of the Covenant or the true
Stone of Destiny have been buried in the vaults.  The chapel was built 500
years ago by Sir William Sinclair and it is said that carvings of North
American maize in the chapel confirm that he reached North America 100 years
before Columbus. But now a book, which was written in 1774 for the Masons,
is being reprinted from the few copies which survive. The book gives a
detailed account of a secret entrance to the tombs and that they contain the
remains of ten of the Barons of Rosslyn and some of their armour. But the
project director for the Chapel was cautious about the accuracy of the
contents of the book and wondered whether it was just "another Rosslyn
Chapel story".

Bruce Carlyon MM
Chelsea Lodge 346 UGLV
Melbourne Australia.

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