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Website Update

We are just back home from Sinclair 2000.  It was brilliantly organised and 
executed by our Chief and Lord
Thurso with the Clan Society in Caithness, and comfortably transported by 
Niven Sinclair's coaches.  Our Chief's son, Lord Berriedale was always at 
his side.  His daughter, Lady Iona attended the Clan Games and the 
Ecumenical Clan Service, involving a long rail journey to be away from her 
work over the weekend, and Lord Thurso proved to be an impeccable Master of 
Ceremonies. His mother, Lady Margaret Thurso was present at all the main 
functions, making everyone welcome with her grace and charm.  Always 
guiding us were the local Sinclairs of the Caithness Society with their 
warmth and hospitality.  Keep an eye on the Clan Trust site 
www.clansinclair.org for photographs and reports, and as the Sinclairs 
return home, tearful at the parting, but motivated by our Chief, and 
fulfilled beyond measure by the finest of experiences of Clan Sinclair more 
will appear on the Clan Sites!

Watch also for more details of the new Clan Sinclair Centre at Noss, 
miraculously transformed by Ian Sinclair with the help of Major Ron 
Sinclair.  There is a new shop with many attractive items, some essential 
for our understanding of our heritage such as the Sinclair Castles video, 
which is much more than its title would suggest!  Again watch the Trust 
Site for details.

We have updated our site to show the Norwegian's Greeting "Budstikke" in 
its new home at Noss, the Niven Sinclair Library.  See the 
Norway/Pillarguri section on our site.

We have also set a link to the site showing work by the Clan Trust 
Sculptor, Shaun Williamson on our links page.

There is nothing we can say here that truly expresses the experience we all 
shared.  If you didn't get to go, you'll have to wait for Sinclair 2005 to 
find out!

Yours aye



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