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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  August 1.
   In 1747: Act of Proscription, [2]takes effect, banning in Scotland the
   wearing of tartan, the teaching of Gaelic, the gatherings of
   Highlanders, and the playing of bagpipes.
   In 1714: Queen Anne d., Kensington Palace, London, England.
   [3]Tomorrow:  August 2.
   In 2000: Clan Sinclair Meeting, [4]Formal Clan Meeting
   In 1714: George I, Elector of Hanover becomes King of Britain.
   In 1589: Henry III d., King of France dies at Paris, France.
   In 1379: Earl Henry, King Haakon VI of Norway installs [5]Henry
   Sinclair as Earl of [6]Orkney.
   In 1100: William II k.,
   [7]King of England killed in hunting accident..


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