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Re: Kirkwall Scroll

Dear Mark

I am not a Freemason either, but I think we are due to see the video 
tomorrow.  Now in Edinburgh and just off to the "Big Blaw" at the 
Castle.  I'll reply in more detail tomorrow.


At 16:41 27/07/00 +0200, you wrote:
>I am not a Freemason, and am not sure of all the symbolism inherent
>in the Kirkwall Scroll, other than there appears to be a reference to the
>Temple in the lower centre position, with steps to the Temple set out 
>below this.
>Is there any possiblity of a description or analysis of the parts
>of the Scroll, so as to make it decipherable to a layman. The Scroll 
>clearly relates
>symbols, if not a story, and I would be interested to learn more about
>this, possibly even as it relates to Sinclair family history.
>Mark Anderson

Yours aye

Iain Laird


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