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RE: Sinclair Tartan - forwarded message

Pottinger is a Sept of Clan Sinclair  Is Pottenger a variation of Pottinger?

Go to the http://www.clansinclairusa.org/septs2.htm web site of Clan
Sinclair, USA, to see the entire list of Sinclair Septs.

Mel Sinclair

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Can someone help this gentleman out?  I don't even understand the question.
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From: David Pottenger <dvp@cptnet.com>
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Date: Thursday, July 13, 2000 9:20 PM
Ms. Dalakas,
Pottengers in the Orkneys wear Sinclair tartan.  Are we your sept?  Could
you please direct me to someone who might know this answer?
David Pottenger
Farmington, New Mexico

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