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Re: Grandfather Mt. Highland Games 2000

Mel --

Since the list is so quiet , I thought that I would ask these questions 
online and thus share your experience with everyone .

First , I understand that the Grandfather Mt. Highland Games have an 
attendance of about 20,000 persons  ??

If so , that would be about double the attendance at the Colonial Games in 
Fair Hill ,
 Maryland ( USA ) that claims 10,000 . Does that attendance number seem 
reasonable for the Grandfather Mt. Highland Games  ??

Would you care to comment on the number and names of the clans formally 
represented ??

What was the temperature and the elevation at the Game site ??

Were mosquitos or flies a problem ??

Did you stay overnight and were accomodations easy to obtain nearby ??

I have been considering taking my family there , perhaps next year , and was 
intrigued by your enthusiastic desciption of the good times you experienced .

Any other comments you would care to share would be most welcome .

Joe Greigg
Wilmington , Delaware(USA ) 
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