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Grandfather Mt. Highland Games 2000

Our family just returned from the Grandfather Mt. Highland Games in
Linville, NC, USA.  We had a fantastic time.  As usual, I took my
camera...and over 200 photos.  Isn't digital great!  haha!  I have 50+
photos loaded in the following three web sites to give a flavor of the games
(as seen through my lenses!).  The photos are divided into three separate
pages to facilitate the loading of the "thumbnail" photos via slower modems.
Please click on the first photo for the full size photo and the caption.
Then click on "next" to see the subsequent photos.

If you are interested, please pay a visit.  The lighting and the distance to
the stage was not so kind to the Ceilidh photos but I hope that you can tell
that everyone had a super time.

Brad, we missed you this year and hope to see you again very soon!

Grandfather Mt. Highland Games and Gathering of Scottish Clans

1.  Welcome, Guest of Honor-The Duke of Hamilton, and Athletic Events

2.  Kirkin' o' the Tartan, Parade of the Tartans and Competition

3.  Ceilidh and Entertainment

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