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The Zeno Project

As you will all note from the attached e-mail,which I have just received
from the redoubtable Laura, she is now in Iceland so she has made good
progress since she left Orkney on 25th June, 2000

No doubt she will be sending a further e-mail when she docks in Reykjavik
and I will post this to the List immediately


Dear Niven,
We are just arrived in Iceland( Vestmannaeyjar Island),
very plaesed to received a line from you, but very disappointed that my 
letters never reach you from Shetland.
At the moment we are in the local library, and I have not the disk with the 
sendet files, but I will try to send you a copy again tomorrow.
Are ther our osservation about Brian Meeting and the nice reception 
received in Lerwick.
Let Us know if you have any contact in Iceland, We hope to reach Reykjavik 
by the week end.
Warmest regards

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