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William Sinclair of Orkney

Dear Cousins,
   In response to Gordon Holmes message to Lena, I will tell you that
William Sinclair of Orkney 1766 to 1818, was a chief Factor at York Factory,
Canada.  He married metis (half Indian), Margaret Nohovway d/o Holden of
Fort Prince of Wales.  They had 11 children.  The sons were sent back to
Scotland for higher education and the girls brought up in European style in
Canada.  William loved his wife and children and chose to stay with them
when he retired, as many of these fur traders did, instead of abandoning
them and returning to retirement in Europe.
   The whole story of this remarkable family stetches across Canada to Fort
Vancouver, WA where they link up with Dr. John Mcloughlin the Chief Factor
there. ( Later John was hailed as "a father to Oregon settlers" at Oregon
City, OR.)  It is quite a unique story because he went as a employee of HBC
and not as a struggling immigrant.

   When Gordon feels up to it he will be treating us to a story of his
ancestors who were descended from William Sinclair and you can read about
them in the Yours Aye
As ever,

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