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Re: Jokes-Personal reply off list on list or..where-ever...


We could post to the list the half dozen other jokes somebody else
sent to the list (you didn't see them because Gary took that person
off the list before the rest of them arrived).

In which case we'd get a bunch of people leaving because they
joined a Sinclair history and genealogy list, not a joke list.

Or we could just move on to other topics instead of making a federal
case out of this.

Congratulations on your new academic career, Darwin.
What are you studying?


>Yes, Jean, many of us belong to a sulled-up group of people.  However, many 
>of us have a sense of humor and I LIKED the joke.  It may not be related to 
>Sinclair ancestry but, so what?  It was a mistake and Gary apologized.  
>While I agree that it is not appropriate for everyday correspondence, this 
>particular woman laughed out loud and (GASP!) forwarded it to many of her 
>off-list friends! (Send me your jokes anytime you want Gary...I find 
>laughter makes my day much more pleasant and passes the time well.)
>People who take themselves too seriously bore the rest of the world... 
>life's short;have some fun.  Quit acting like the litigation happy society 
>we live in. It shows too much stress in our lives when we can't laugh at 
>mistakes, our own as well as other's.
>Now, a piece of news, for those of you who correspond with me off-list, just 
>so you'll know why I have fallen out again, I was accepted to the Ph.D. 
>program here and am working on that.  Hopefully, I can become more active 
>again once that is finished. Please keep entertaining me while I labor.
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