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Re: Gen Arthur St. Clair

Since reading the lists general discusssion of Arthur St. Clair i dug out my 
old notes & found some interesting facts . 
A.S.C. attended University of Edinburgh
Under Wolf,s command at fall of Quebec 
Related to General Gage ( cousin)
His wife Phoebe Bayard was the daughter of , Balthazar Bayard & Mary Bowdoin 
 Mary Bowdoin,s grandfather was James Bowdoin of Boston .
A.S.C married Phoebe in May of 1760 in Trinity Episcopal church in  Boston& 
moved to Bedford Pa.( to survey land for the Penn,s) then settled in Ligonier 
Notes compiled from years ago :The stronghold of the St Clair family was 
Rosslyn castle . The St Clairs were of Norman French descent  originally 
spelled Sanctus Clarus (Holy & Bright one)The British say Sinkler  It is said 
William , son of Compte De StClair , a close relative of William the 
conquerer came over to England in 1066settling an estate in Scotland.The home 
of the StClairs in Thurso suggests 
ancestors were of Orkney line. A.S.C s father was a local merchant & his 
mother ( Margaret , some say Elizabeth )Balfour. This line of descent 
identifies A.S.C with the sinclairs of Lybster & Scotscalder.
In his later years A.S.C. there was much political backstabbing & sniping 
while he served as Gov. & president Jefferson finally removed him from office 
on Nov, 22, 1802

In the many yrs of travelling & governing along with the revolution A.S.C. 
realized he was broke &made repeatedrequests for compensation from the govt. 
but was always denied . In 1810a creditor secured an execution for $10,000 & 
he was forced to sell 95% of his property& his home ( the Hermitage ), his 
mill & iron furnace . 
His properties were estimated at $50,000 but received just $4,000. 
A.S.C. with children & some grandchildren in his care was reduced to dire 
He was alotted $64.00per month but that was seized by a creditor   
After selling his lands he moved to a log  cabin on Chestnut ridge 5 miles 
west of Ligonier on land owned by his son Daniel. 
On his way to Youngstown , Ohio in a buggy he was jolted from the buggy & 
fell out & knocked unconscious. He died  8/31/1818, Phoebe died 18 days later 
of greif .  
Both are buried in St Clair park in Greensburg, Pa. Forty years afterhis 
death his heirs were rewarded a fair compensation for his service to his 
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