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Fourth of July

Dear Sinclair trivia collectors:

    I don't think that I have told this story yet, but if so, it will be new
to at least a few: From 'Service With  the Sixrth Wisconsin Volunteers" by
Rufus R. Dawes  It came to mind this morning in church during a tribute to
our country.  This may not make too much sense to those in another

In April 1861 (Civil War) Rufus Dawes put together a unit of very patriotic
young men coming out of Juneau Co., Wisconsin.  Among them was John Wesley
St. Clair (s/o Joshua in my other message).  This group became Co. K of the
6th WI which  joined with the 2nd WI, 7th WI and 19th IN, later filling its
terribly depleted ranks with the 14th MI.  This became known as the Iron
Brigade, the only all western Brigade in the Army.
     They were so "spit and polished" and wore the black hats with the long
feather that you see in many pictures.  They were stationed around
Washington DC and were the troops shown off to visiting dignitaries by Pres.
Lincoln.  The men chaffed under this and wanted to use their strength for
battle not as show pieces.   On one occasion, they were called out to
protect the Capitol against a false attack.  And as usual people rode out
from the city to view the anticipated battle.  That evening all were
returning, the people in carriages riding alongside the marching soldiers.

    As evening drew on and the dew fell ("evening dews and damps"), .....one
of the soldiers began
singing "John Brown's Body".  Julia Ward Howe happened to be riding in her
carriage beside the 6th WI and as she viewed the "campfires twinkling" on
hillside, she began to organize in her mind,using the tune of "John Brown's
Body", her famous song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic".     And your cousin,
John Wesley St. Clair/Sinkler/Sinclair
was there.

Of course there were Sinclairs on the South's side.  I hope you won't be
offended by this.  All were brave men who really believed in their cause.

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