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RE: New to Clan USA website

Congratulations on your outstanding efforts.
It is a real bonus to have someone putting things in shape for the benefit
of others.

I have tried to obtain a copy of "The Sword and the Grail" for some time but
it seems to have ceased being published.
Can anyone suggest how I may obtain a copy?
I have a pending order through Amazon.com awaiting a second-hand copy to
become available to them.
Also where can one order frederick Pohl's book PHS?

Bruce Carlyon

>    Also everyone should have read for a good
> basic understanding of the St. Clair/Sinclair history, "The Sword and the
> Grail" by Andrew Sinclair and "Prince Henry's Voyage to North America" by
> Frederick Pohl.  Again good presents.
> Laurel
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