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More titles

Dear Don,
     I believe that somewhere I saw a list of 18 territories for just PHS
alone around Rosslyn I suppose.  But haven't found it yet.  I have the
impression that it contained places that you do not have.

Other titles and activities:
  Many were Crusaders,  Ambassador to England, Privy Councilor, signer of
Declaration of Arbroath, Baron of Cousland, Co-bearer of William the Bruce's
heart,  Justiciar of Caithness, peer in Parliment of Scotland, with Sir
Henry Clinton at the siege of Charlestown, Postmaster-Gen 1811-23, Lt. Col
Caithness Artillery,Lt Admiral of Caithness Artillery,
inventor, Owned and operated personally the model dairy farm of Berridale in
SD,  Col Gordon Highlanders; WW II. Sr. Advsr Br Serv Min Burma; Cmdt Ceylon
Army, Cdr 51st Indep Inf Bde, Dep Cdr Highland Dist 1955, HM's Resident
Factor Balmoral Estates; member Royal Co. Archers,  Belgian Croix de Guerre
(avec palm), Legion of Honour, Parly Under Sec. Transport 1985-86, Min.
State: Home Off 1986-88, Environment 1988-89, Treasury 1989-90 (also
Paymaster Gen), FCO 1990-92, Transportation 1992-94; estate agent 1995,

Did you have these Hollandmark and the Barony of Barrogill

As I went through the lineage chart I noticed that the 15th Earl was greatly
interested in antiquarian research  and was the
author of unpublished manuscripts on Orkney and Caithness family histories,
Wonder where these unpublished manuscripts are now???

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