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This question is not related to Sinclairs, per se, but as there are many 
people on this list who are knowledgeable of Scot traditions, I need some 

I have a record of a baptism recorded "1st September 1771 in Edinburgh Parish 
(St. Giles)."  The person in Scotland who sent this information wrote, " 
among all the Johns baptised annually in Scotland..........."  

Was there one day set aside annually for the baptism of babies born within 
that year?  How far would have been a reasonable distance for these parents 
to have traveled, often with other children in tow?  In this time period, 
were there only the big churches, like St. Giles, and not many local 
parishes? Or was baptism a sacrament which could only be performed in a large 
church? I have another baby baptized in 1740, in Inverness.  What church is 
located in Inverness.

If a large church were too far away for people to travel , would a minister 
or elder go to a home or local parish for a baptism? I would appreciate any 
information on this subject.

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