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Re:Laura zolo and the St Clair/Zeno Voyage.

Dear Friends,

I have just had this message from Orkney forwarded from Niven. The Message
originates from Kath and Josh Gourlay, good friends and journalists

This is just to advise you that Laura departed Kirkwall today [Sunday] at
1500 Hours. As we waved our landward goodbyes, a small flottila from Orkney
Sailing Club escorted her out of the harbour. I think this may well be a
first for the Saling Club; I can't remember them ever providing an escort
before. Kathryn had arranged for the photographer to be there and has
already filed the story to the Daily Mail features department and a more
news orientated but smaller version to the main dailies.

On Saturday evening, Laura and Jack were across at the Sailing Club. They
had a small dance in her honour and she was asked to present the prizes for
that afternoon's regatta. Kath & I didn't attend but we had coffee with them
prior to their departure and they both reported a splendid evening was had
by all. She also received some gifts from the Sailing Club

Kath had a small piece in today's Scottish Sunday Express [page 28] with a
photograph of Laura on the stern of her boat. You'll appreciate the
headline, which read, "Move over Columbus, the Scots were there first".
Henry is well mentioned in the article which the editors had reduced by
about 50% of Kath's original submission.
I also gave Laura a CD of Orkney music to remind her of the islands and Kath
presented her with a large sandstone pebble which she said had been on the
Orkney shore since the original voyage. This good luck token was highly
appreciated by Laura who promptly glued it to the wheelhouse to keep her on
the right path. So, once again a piece of Orkney will go west in the
footpaths of your progenitor.

Kath also advised Jonathan Wills of Laura's departure and his reply
indicates he will meet them when the sail into Shetland.
Finally, thank you so much for a lovely dinner and more importantly for your
company. It was great to see you again and I trust our paths will cross much
sooner. It was also wonderful to re-acquaint our friendship with Tim,
Marilyn and Malcolm and to meet your nephew Tony and his wife Anna. It is
some time since I can say I enjoyed such a companionable evening amongst
kindred spirits.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

This is a beautiful demonstration of how the people of Orkney, whose
ancestors formed the greater proportion of the crew for Prince Henry's
voyage, have taken Laura and the whole projcet to their hearts.

We would like to pay public tribute to the best friend anyone could have,
namely Niven Sinclair, who first introduced us to the Prince Henry story and
who made our participation in the vents of last weekend possible. Bless you
and thank you Niven.

Best wishes

Tim and Marilyn

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