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Re: Sinclairs to Aust. on the ship Palmyra 1839.

Hello Kathy,
                 I was very interested to read your mail enquiring about the Sinclairs who migrated to Australia on the Palmyra.
John Sinclair was a brother of my great grandfather, William, who also arrived in Adelaide in 1839, but on the barque Superb.
Catherine, Mary and Allan were children of John and Christina.
Margaret, Euphemia and Jean were sisters of John and William. Their parents were Lt. Archibald Sinclair and Jean, nee McDonald, of Oban.
We have good documentation on John and William and their descendants, and have just recently found details on Euphemia and her family. Margaret and Jean seem to have disappeared into the Australian bush without trace, and are the subjects of our current research.
If you could write to me off the List, or phone on 0357682298 (near Benalla, Vic.) we can discuss the information I have in greater detail.
With best wishes,
John McIntyre.