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Re: Grammar-Spelling

Fellow list members ---

In deciding whether to enter the discussion on the subject of this message , 
I was 
prompted to respond by my own experience when a guest for an extensive period 
time of the French Government and also when living as the guest of a French 
family .

Although my 11 traveling companions at the time  were variously Portugese , 
Danish , American , French- Canadian , English -Canadian and Puerto Rican , 
never once did one of them exibit a lack of good manners and proper 
upbringing by " critiquing " anothers fluency in their native or a  "learned 
" language , even in jest !!

Never in those many weeks in Germany , France , the Azores or Switzerland , 
did a native German , Swiss or admittedly linguistically sensitve Frenchman { 
or woman } crtiticise my French or German { or my native English either for 
that matter } !

I will also readily admit that I cannot type nor does my version of AOL ( 
America On-Line version 3.0 ) have a resident spelling or grammar checking 
feature !!!

I cannot help but hold in the highest regard those list members who attempt , 
always rather successfully, to communicate in English for the convenience of 
others on the list .

It would be rather amusing to see the reaction of some of the would be 
"critics " , if each posting was in the native language of the sender and 
required an educated
 ( and grammatically correct ) response to be submitted in the same language 

If a list member cannot , at a minimum , praise, admire and learn from the 
contributions of other list members , perhaps they can at least exibit the 
decency to honor our mutual host , John Quarterman and not insult his other 
guests on the list ???

Highest regards to all ,

Joe Greigg

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