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KK in Ireland

Hello, Sinclairs,

Trying to follow my own recommendations and not natter on too
much--anyone who would like more info on what I write can have a look
at my website, put together and maintained by three very devoted and
talented fans at www.deryni.com.  There, in addition to lots of photos
and bit about my (haunted) gothic revival house in Ireland, you'll
find a list of all my books to date, with thumbnail sketches so that
you can decide whether they're something that will interest you.  I'm
told that it's one of the best author sites around.

As for Adam Sinclair--there are actually five books about him, not
three (you've missed two, Rory!), and we hope to be doing another one
in the next year or so that will also be a sequel to my historical
thriller, Lammas Night.  (This one has to do with magic that was
worked in the summer of 1940 to stop Hitler from invading
England--which, of course, he never did, though he was poised to do
so, and conventional historians have never been able to come up with a
good explanation why not.  The alleged magic is said to parallel
similar magic that was worked by Sir Francis Drake in 1588 to raise
the storm that wrecked the Spanish Armada.)  LN has always been one of
my favorite books, my first foray into "real" history as opposed to
fantasy, and was probably a necessary forerunner for the Adam Sinclair
series, which I love almost as much.  (I like all my "children", but
some hold a special place in my heart.)

BTW, I grinned when I read Peter's comment about Dorothy Dunnet.  I,
too, am an avid admirer of her work, and have been heard to remark
more than once that when I grow up, I want to be her! :-)  I haven't
been able to get caught up in the Niccolo books, but oh, those Lymond
novels!  I've visited her in her home, and she's nearly as talented a
portrait artist as she is a novelist.  Quite a remarkable lady!

As for why I very nearly left this list, it wasn't any of the
occasional friction; it was the fact that I was getting bogged down
wading through all the excessive repetition of headers and footers and
endlessly repeated bits of strings that made the reading just too
time-consuming for the amount of information I was getting out of the
effort.  I'm not a genealogist--though I certainly don't mind having
the genealogy on the list.  My interest in this list is Sinclair lore
(for Adam) plus the esoteric aspects of Rosslyn Chapel and its
connections with Freemasonry and the Knights Templar.  I'm willing to
wade through a lot of other ancillary stuff--once!--to get at what I'm
interested in; but I just don't have time dig through all the
repetitiveness, and especially not through repetitions of silly
friction.  But as I said, it did get better. :-)

So now I'll just go back quietly into lurking mode, as I have a book
to finish--the second Templar novel, which covers from immediately
after Bruce's crowning through Bannockburn: The Temple and the Crown.
(And I'll be away for two weeks, beginning June 27th, so I won't be

All the best,

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