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Bickering Cousins

Just for the record, I was also taught that Leif Erickson was the early explorer to America, not Columbus. I share this because many on the list think those of us educated in America have been BRAINWASHED to beleive otherwise.

As for cousin Privateers, I too will surely miss his input. I of course do not know the whole story and was unable to decypher the acronym (I didn't try too hard)in the notes that brought about this latest episode of the family feud. Many of us on the list have become "hot" in the past. Rob and I had an episode. Constance and I will never agree on politics. I also have arguments with my wife and others. I beleive it is healthy to share our own viewpoints, and not to hide them. Sinclairs are not soft.

John does a wonderful job with the list. I have been able to connect with Iain Laird and Mark Anderson through the list. We 3 have shared pieces of a puzzle and were able to complete a picture of Hempriggs House with the history of the building, the families who lived there, and supplied the pictures to see it anytime the urge calls. This would probably not have happened without John Sinclair Quarterman.

I can see John's viewpoint, and respect any decision he may make to keep the peace.

If anyone has Privateer's e-mail address, please send it to me. I want to thank him.

Donald "the bickerer" Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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