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Re: Friction


>That you have accomplished so much for all of us is not in doubt.

I merely attempt to emulate your lead.

>That someone feels upset enough with another member of the list to send
>(anonymous? or untraceable?) messages is not a happy outcome.
>My first instinct is to find out the details but I realize that may not be
>possible so I will revert to the workings of my poor brain.

My first instinct is to steer clear of the problem.  However, it appears
that I cannot do so.

>I suspect that whoever is sending "hidden threats" feels slighted by  the
>'victim' in the present matter and has, foolishly, up the ante.

Unfortunately, it appears to be more than a single person.

>I quite agree with your image of people meeting in your living room and then
>going outside to fight only to expect to return and carry on normally in
>spite of this undercurrent of ill will is not a Good Thing.
>But a summary execution (excommunication actually) without a warning is not
>my nature although I will bow to the majority vote here if they vote

I have had various offlist communications with various parties,
although I don't know whether any of them are the offenders.

>My inclination is to say that, because I do not know what provoked the
>original 'threat' and that therefore there may be an earlier agenda that
>none of us is particularly aware of, that both involved may to a certain
>extent be "at fault"  and that warnings in front of sanctions are always
>best  that therefore, that I therefore would adopt Iain Lairds solution of
>yellow-carding the offenders saying:
>" you have been found out and found lacking --- go and sin no more and if
>you do, yer outta here!"

I think that's what I just did with my previous message.

>Ultimately John, it is your undertaking that has made this such an exciting
>enterprise to which to belong. I would not like to see this fact conflated
>with bad behaviour of others.  Your comfort level is critical - thank you
>for asking us --- but it is your decision.


More on this in a few days, after reviewing the various comments
and talking to some people.

>Yours Aye,
>The rambling fool
>Rory in Toronto.

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