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Laura Zola

Because of the excellent weather we have been having, Laura arrived in 
Orkney earlier
today (Tuesday 20th June, 2000) on  her yacht the "Seven Roses".

As she hadn't planned to be there until Thursday 22nd and, as we made our 
accordingly, we will not be meeting her until then.  The official reception 
will be on Friday
23rd June when our Chief, the Earl of Caithness, will be there to welcome 
her on behalf of the Clan Sinclair.  He will be attended by myself, my 
nephew and his wife, Dr Tim Wallace-
Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins who all met Laura in Venice last year when we 
the "Seven Roses" before the start of her momentous voyage.    The Italian 
Navy even
gave her an escort out to the open sea which, alas, is more than we can 
expect from the
Royal Navy.  Nevertheless, Laura can be assured of a warm welcome from 
who know the perils of the sea and admire someone who has such a grasp of 
and the courage to take a small yacht across the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Laura is made of sterling stuff.   We will make sure that she (and her 
dogs) won't go
hungry during the remainder of her voyage to Shetland, the Faeroes, 
Iceland, Greenland,
Newfoundland and to Nova Scotia where I know she will be given a warm 
welcome when
she sails into Halifax and/or Guysborough by Clan Sinclair (Canada).

Niven Sinclair

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