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Re: History updates

Hi Laurel,
    Be careful of Petes Historical Articles.  He often rewrote other works
over his name.  I just received a copy of a book where the publisher
apologises for the first edition in that he quoted Pete as the author.  He
states he was not the author but the "publisher".  Hope all is well hope to
see you in Scotland.
                                                Yours Aye, David
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From: Spirit One Email <laurel@spiritone.com>
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Date: Thursday, June 08, 2000 7:14 PM
Subject: History updates

>While this subject of new historic information is on my mind, I would ask
>all of you with charts or books that pertain to our Sinclair history in
>Normandy to update that information.  Just as there were many Williams,
>Henrys, etc. there were at least two Mauger/Malgars.
>The first one was the son of Duke Richard I of Normandy.  His siblings from
>more than one "wife" of Richard I's were at least:
>4th  Duke Richard II,
> Robert, Count of Evreaux and 5th Archbishop of Normandy
> Mauger Ct of Mortain & Corbuel,(This is our ancestor)
>Godfrey of Brionne,
> William Ct of Eu,
>Queen Emma m. Kings Æthelred & Knut of England,
>Hadvise m. Ct. Brittany,
>Mathilda m. Ct. of Blois & Dreux,
>Beatrice m. Ebalus of Turenne
>4th Duke Richard II had these children:
>5th Duke Richard III,
>(?)Helene m. cousin Walderne son of the Mauger above (our ancestors)
>6th Duke Robert I-Ct. of Hiemois;
>Eleanor m. Bladwin IV of Flanders;
>Adelesia/Alice m. Stephen II of Blois, Ct. of Burgandy.
>Then Duke Richard II "Married". 2nd Papia and they had 2 children:
>Mauger- the younger, 6th Archbishop of Rouen
>William Ct.of Arques & Talou
>5th Duke Richard III had a couple of kids but they didn't figure too
>promenently in history but he died--perhaps poisoned by his brother, Robert
>the Devil, who then became the 5th Duke of Normandy and father of William
>the Conqueror
>You can see that this Mauger was called Mauger the Younger which indicates
>that there was another Mauger who was older (our ancestor).
>So far information about  Helene's existence comes only from St. Clair
>records, I believe, and  have not been verified yet from any other source.
>But if this Helene did marry  Walderne who was our direct ancestor and
>second son of Mauger, Count of Mortain and Corbuel, then Walderne's sons
>would be cousins to William the Conqueror.  If this marriage to Helene did
>not take place they are still second cousins to that William.  Eleanor
>is an important person because her daughter, Matilda,  married her
>(Matilda's) cousin, William the Conqueror and became Queen Matilda of
>    I have told you far more than I intended.  The point is that our Mauger
>was never the Archbishop of Normandy.
>You can see this charted out at:
>Sources: charts of Kings and Queens of Europe, William the Conqueror by
>David C. Douglas, Queen Emma & Queen Edith by Pauline Stafford.
>See list of my references while you are there by going to HOME PAGE and
>looking at the bottom of column 5  "References" and choose "books" at the
>top of the page, or go to :   www.clansinclairusa.org/clan_ref_books.htm
>While you are in there look at the new letter of Laura Zola to Niven at the
>top of the 3rd column or later go to :
>www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_re_Zola.htm  choose "12 Feb.  Portoferraio,
>There are several messages to eventually insert back in time like this one.
>Now for the GREAT news.  Yes, I am shouting!   David Cummings, son of the
>late H.S. "Pete" Cummings, Jr.,  Genealogist for the Clan Sinclair USA, has
>given his permission for me to add Pete's many historical articles to the
>Clan Sinclair History pages.  Although Pete was called genealogist, he
>produced many interesting historical articles too. There will continue to
>several that will only be available through Clan membership but they are
>listed anyway so you will want to join in order to have them.  He, He, He,
>You will eventually find them in the second column under "Prince Henry
>Go Pacers!
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