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Re: Scotch Mystery

Dear list members:

I have just been given a bottle of Scotch as a gift by a friend, and am
wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to its quality and history.

The brand name is "Glengoyne". It has a large "SC" in a seal on the neck
of the bottle and is marked "single cask" 180 Bottles drawn from Cask No
4606, distilled 1970, bottled 1998 by Lang Brothers of Glengoyne,
Scotland and is 54.7% vol. It carries the slogan "The unpeated malt from
the Southern Highlands".

Pray tell what do I have here?

Thanks in advance for any replies, as I am eager to try it but suspect
it must warrant some special occasion to do so!

Donald J. Sinclair
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
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