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Hi folks,

I know there are a few people on this list with a connection to the Isle
of Islay, so I want
to pass on this invitation:

The Islay researchers/descendants, are having our first reunion (maybe
that should read
"first union", reunion next year!) on July 14/15 at the University of
Guelph, in Ontario.
Several Ontario folks will be there, as well as the President of the
Glasgow/Islay Assoc.
from Scotland.  The itinerary is quite loose - gathering at the Archives
- which contains
a lot of rare historical books and papers, comparing notes, and getting
to know one another after a couple of years of correspondence.  The
Cambridge Highland Games
are on nearby, for those who are bored!  Guelph is also fairly central
for those who
wish to visit some of the early Islay settlements.

If any of you are interest, please let me know.

Toni Sinclair

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