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RE: Sinclair Dates

Can anyone answer these two questions?
1.	Where did Thomas Green and Gunner do there pirating, and for how
long?  Oak Island has a plaque with 1704 written on it.
Could they have written it and been in on the secret?
April 11. In 1705: Green hanged. Thomas Green, captain of the Worcester, is
hanged on Leith Sands with his mate and gunner,    having been found guilty
of pirating the Speedy Return..

2.		With regard to Robert the Bruce was having his heart
returned to Jerusalem.  I am wondering why?
This might be answered with religous motivations, but what would they be?
Was it because it was the site of Christ's crucifixion or for other reasons?
Such as the Holy City and site of the Temple was the spiritual heart of the
Knight Templar who assured his victory at Bannockburn?  This seems more
likely than the above christain convictions, considering that he was
excummunicated by the Pope, and isolated from most of Christain Europe.
If my hunch about this is correct then the speculation as to why his heart
was going to Jerusalem becomes much more meaningful.
The implications would still be greater than those that I have provided
above, but it starts a platform that others might like to help build on.

Comments form you all would be appreciated, particularly Niven, Tim
Wallace-Murphy, John Quarterman and Bill Buhler.

The last point on this is that at the time of his death, Jerusalem and the
Holy Land had been lost to the Muslims.  The Templars had had been psuhed
out of their holdings there and later dissolved.  
Just how the hell did the Sinclairs and Douglasses expect to get into
Would it be like burying an Englishman in Berlin during the battle of
Even if they could get in to the city, how would they get permission to bury
the heart of a christain king?
But the biggest question seems to me is WHERE EXACTLY did they intend to
bury the heart of Robert the Bruce??  Can anyone answer this one?  It seems
really important in understanding what was going on.  A trip like this would
have been meticulously planned.  I suspect the ports of call would be old
Templar holdings until Jerusalem and then, they must have had a safe-house
in Jerusalem or an continuing agreement with the Muslims regarding certain
property held in Jerusalem.

Go to go, my three children, five years and under all want their  Dad to
feed them Breakfast and stop typing.

Bruce Carlyon
Melbourne, Australia.

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