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Elizabeth sinclair

Im new to the list. Despite my foreign name, I'm english and live in London. 
I'm a writer and a genealogist.
My mother's family is english. Her mother was Scots adn was born a GRANT DUFF 
of  Eden, by Banff. through her i ma descended from a plethora of Scots 
My Sinclair connection is quite far back:
My number 948 is The Rev alexander PITCAIRN, Minister at Dron in 1656. He was 
born in 1622 and +1695.
He was a Regent of the Old college of St andrews in 1648 and Provost of St 
Salvators College of St Andrews in 1691. He married 31/3/1645 Janet CLARK.
He was a son of Alexander Andrew PITCAIRN Dean of Orkney in 1665 who married E
lizabeth SINCLAIR , eldest daughter of John SINCLAIR , Dean of St Andrews.

I am particularly interested in the ascendance of Elizabeth and, obviously 
her mother's name!
Can anyone assist?
Peter de Loriol chandieu 
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