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Re: comments on recent posts

Hi again, boy, are you surprised to hear from me again so soon or are you 
wondering where I've been?

Ken's right.  In anthropological terms the genetic differences are called 
"Clines".  We are all alike.  Sub-Saharan populations are more like North 
African populations that Eastern Europeans, Eastern Europeans are more like 
Americans than Australian Aborigines... the differences are a continuum and 
we're only talking about a possible 0.3% difference between populations 
along the continuum.

Race as society sees it is a made-up classificatory system to pigeon-hole 
certain physical characteristics.  Genetically, these differences are not 
visible.  It's a product of the big picture.

I am at work and don't have my research articles in front of me or I would 
be glad to give the citation for these comments.  This is a well studied 
subject in anthropology and remember, it is the anthropologists that just 
found the African-like skulls under the castle in Europe.  Anthropologists 
love to try to figure out human migration patterns, especially if it 
involves a million years or so ;)


>From: Ken DeB <kendeb52@yahoo.com>
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>To: sinclair@matrix.net
>Subject: comments on recent posts
>Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 10:02:31 -0700 (PDT)
>Hello all, a few comments on some of the comments on the list. First,
>recent genetic research indicates NO evidence other than what you can
>see for the concept of "race".
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