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Re: Races of Man

> >>>Guess it would take a drunken whiskey drinking Scot to come up with
> >>>statement :-)
> >>>
> >>>Annie
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>P.S. Sometimes one race will act as if it is superior to another.  Only
> >>>in the case of Scots is this true- we are clearly superior to
> >>>everyone.  Those of us Scots or of Scots descent have known this for
> >>>centuries.  The rest of the world has simply been failed to be informed
> >>>of this.  While not actually a race of man, we are a unique breed of
> >>>man.  It is probably the result of good
> So called "good whisky" has probably ruined more good Scotsmen than any
> other single
> factor.
> We, Scots'  are supposed to "like whisky"; to be "hard drinkers"; and to
> able to "hold our booze".
> Nothing could be further from the truth.  The quicker we rid ourselves of
> such erroneous
> nonsense, the quicker we will regain our sobriety and our sanity.
> I speak from experience.  I was an alcoholic who drank, on average, a
> bottle of whisky
> every day.  Mind you, in Africa it was only 10/- a bottle but, as far as I
> was personally
> concerned, it could have been 10 a bottle (as it is in the U.K.) because
> it was the
> No 1 priority in my life.  We drank when the sun went over the yard-arm.
> Fortunately, I saw the light and gave up drinking alcohol before I ended
> in an early
> coffin or, worse, with a wet brain.  It wasn't easy but it was worth it.
> Drinking is a serious problem in most Western countries.  We play with
> if we
> pretend otherwise.  It is not a joking matter as many wives and children
> Sorry to be such a spoil sport but Sinclairs are particularly prone to
> excess when
> it comes to drink.  It does nothing to improve them.  It just makes them
> bigger asses
> than usual.
> I speak as the master jackass of all time.
> Niven Sinclair

Dear Niven,

My comment was intended as a light hearted joke only. Thankyou for sharing
your story with us. The drink has ruined many families and Scots are not
alone with this problem. Aussies tend to prefer the beer and Rum. My
childhood was affected by a father who drank too much. Now I sadly see my
brothers follow his habit. It seems a man is judged more a man by how much
he can consume and still be able to talk bullshit at the same time. My
sisters ex husband would fill his gut with alcohol while his small children
went hungry. If only they knew just how disgusting they look from a womans
eyes.We want to hear sweet nothings in our ears, not slurring, spitting
dribble. Mind you, I do enjoy a couple small whiskeys a week. A fine drop in

Have a great day


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