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Re: Chanters. May 19th.

        Interesting to hear of the MacCrimmon's Norse ancestry. My records make no mention of this. Do you know where the Norse connection fitted in?
A MacLeod from Skye visited the MacCremmons (was then spelt this way) in Ulster, Ireland, to hear them play. He then induced John (Iain) and his son Donald, to move to Skye to found a College of Piping. Each was,in turn, the personal piper to MacLeod of Dunvegan. Like many others at the time of the Clearances, the MacCrimmons suffered, as they refused to pay rent for the land where they had lived rent free.
Rory, I'm surprised to hear of the lack of evidence regarding Petrus Bruno (MacCrimmon) at Cremona, as my sources do not infer any doubt on this. The uncle of Petrus, Giordano Bruno, was burnt at the stake by the Inquisition for heresy, for supporting the discovery by Copernicus that the Sun and not the Earth, was the centre of the solar system. So the name should be well documented.
Have you any further suggestions on tunes we'll play on the Tour, or shall we stick to the ones we've previously discussed?