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Re: sacred geometry

--- "K.W.S" <kensin66@sk.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> But the fact is anything outside of the Human Brain is not an 
> established fact.
> Ken/SK/Canada

Ken, not being a Sinclair myself, merely an interested bystander, and
here only by the good graces of those Sinclairs who run and maintain
the list, I am hesitant to jump into this discussion. But, I cannot in
good faith pass up your above quoted remark. Since *I* am outside
*your* human brain, am I not an established fact? Since I have never
been to or seen India or China or Scotland, are they not established
facts? I am totally undecided on the sacred geometry subject, although
I have read some about it and will continue to do so. I cannot dismiss
it merely because I can't see it, touch it, feel it, etc. Do you
believe in electrons? I've never seen one, and I don't think you have
either. But, the fact remains that they exist inside the marvel of
engineering that you write your messages on, and they are the bearer of
that message to me and the rest of the list. Do you believe in God?
I've never seen God, but I believe nonetheless. Please understand that
I'm not trying to start a fight here, just a plea that we be open
minded. Unless I can see something DISproved with no doubt in my mind,
I will believe that it MAY be possible. The Bard of Avon said (and I
don't have the exact quote in my mind, maybe it isn't an established
fact) "there's more to heaven and earth than meets the eye." I take it
on faith that you exist even though I haven't met or seen you. If you
believe truly that nothing exists outside the human brain, then you are
*all* of existence, the rest of the universe is only in your
imagination. If I believed that about myself, I'd kill myself
immediately since I would have no reason for being. Thanks for reading
my ramblings, and please take no personal offense.

Ken DeBusk, Sturgis, Michigan, USA

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