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Re: sacred geometry

 Ken in Canada said the following regarding sacred geometry.

 "This is worse nonsense than Dungeons and Dragons or modern Science
> Worse because some people seem to be serious about it.
> Sad because of the time and energy wasted on absolute crap"

    Ken is entitled to his opinion and I respect him for offering it.
However, but I disagree with his assessment of  sacred geometry as  "worse
nonsense" and "absolute crap."  It was intolerance of others beliefs that
resulted in the first holocaust, the  Albigensian Crusade.  While we may
disagree with the belief systems of others, we should be tolerant,
particular if the thoughts of others have to do with decency and goodness
and inflict no harm in their practice.  What makes these discussion groups
interesting is the diversity of thinking that is expressed.  There are many
paths that can be taken in the quest for truth.  It is enjoyable to learn
and share with others our ideas about those paths.

Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

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