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Re: sacred geometry

Hi All
This is worse nonsense than Dungeons and Dragons or modern Science Fantasy.
Worse because some people seem to be serious about it.
Sad because of the time and energy wasted on absolute crap.


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> Subject: Sinclair Engrailed Cross
> John,
> As with Niven I'd really appreciate knowing what you might discover re the
> engrailed cross. I'm a retired Navy Commander and at my age have nothing
> better for entertainment than sacred geometry. And an intense interest in
> Clan Sinclair. Re the geometry I find that it can be a schematic for
> organizing both energy and complementary consciousness. This gets me into
> temple and earth grid dynamics as well as translation and interpretation
> scripture. Then too, this demands that I at least try to understand
> archetypes and their application ...like "What's a grail and what's it
> for?" What geometry describes a grail dynamic? My studies and
> experimentation show the primary angle to be 26 deg, 18+ minutes. We can
> make a vesica out of that, instead of the usual 30 degrees, and we have
> I believe to be the Sinclair engrailed cross geometry: the size/ratio of
> "cup" or vesica.
> Then with this assumption we must know what the blue field is relative to
> the black cross format. This becomes quite technical in a metaphysical
> context having to do with primal creation process within a field of divine
> grace. Pretty standard in all major religions including the Judeo
> but not many know of it much less use it. Clan Sinclair did/does. I don't
> intend to discuss religion or spiritual matters on this circuit so if you
> wish a more complete explanation you can get me at roslinne@fone.net.
> The "Bethlehem" angle is named for the angle from the Great Pyramid to
> Bethlehem, also the angle in the Pyramid used with the two ascension
> passageways. This angle is found in primary grid geometry in Rosslyn
> Chartres, Monserrat basilica, Stonehenge, and St Mari's chapel at
> Glastonbury (crypt). A few examples. It locates the "Resh" (Hebrew for
> Head Stone) that becomes the corner (Ps 118:19-24). A complete explanation
> would take a few days.
> I doubt that you will find this information in written books since the
> technology was once secret. The Templars had it and also the Masons to
> degree ...I'm not a Mason so I can't comment on that. St. Columba had it
> before the Templars. Clan Sinclair applied it extensively in designing and
> siting their temples, castles.
> I think Nivens' observations below are valid but as he would undoubtedly
> admit there is more to it.
> In my study of the Shield I used the design from the Chapel "boss" shown
> Andrew Sinclair's THE SWORD AND THE GRAIL. This shows two thumbs marking a
> line across the top. The "thumb" in Hebrew is the letter Yud (#10) once
> drawn as a bent arm with open hand, thumb up. This is another technical
> thing relating to the "two yuds" (Yeshua and Yachannen, ie Jesus and John:
> John 3:30). I mention this because this design can be superimposed over
> lower chapel (crypt) to effectively unify the Chapel's highest function
> the Shield. Remember that we are trying to find out not just what these
> elements are in a grand design but more precisely: what they do. If we
> the primary function of the Shield, then we can determine the Chapel
> overlay. A Sinclair knight would then have the basic "spritual alchemy"
> his shield.
> Niven has a good point: "I have always thought it represented the
> of the true cross because we were the knights of the grail - hence
> engrailing." I would add one thing relative to the above paragraph and his
> remark here, that the energetic formats or "codes" in the Shield and the
> engrailing can be directly transferred to the man himself by a
> process. Thus the knight becomes not only the Grail but also the Temple
> (Chapel) and essence of the Clan. Everything helps when some wrong thinker
> is enthusiastically beating you on the head and shoulders with a great
> sword.
> Thoth Hermes oversees spiritual sciences: math, music, healing and
> regeneration, languages, etc. Yeshuas' 12 disciples organized the same
> within the archetype of the 12 point wheel or temple. Yeshu would be in
> center but would work through the "yud" factor in them all, principally
> Jachannen.
> In contemplating the cross also include the unseen vertical axis or "5th"
> element related to the "4." As in Eden we have four rivers and lands that
> are generated by the one (5th). "Eden" means "controlling foundation" when
> spelled with the alternate "a" letter ...ie use both aleph and ayin to
> usually find the hidden application. The Upanishad Maitri 2.6 uses the
> concept but with breaths. This is encoded in the Hebrew letter peh which
> "blows into 4-corners."
> I don't know of any seminary or literature with the above information; one
> has to dig it out the hard way. The geometry for the engrailed cross can
> sent by jpg directly to you if you wish it.
> Blessings,
> Bill Buehler
> Colorado, USA
> Minister: Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite)
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> Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 21:48:07 +0100
> From: Niven Sinclair <niven@niven.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: Engrailed Cross
> At 11:42 16/05/00 +0000, you wrote:
> Another list I subscribe to are discussing the origins of the Sinclair
> Engrailed Cross. Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> John
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> (From Niven:)
> John,
> I'd be interested in what they have to say.
> I have always thought it represented the protection of the true cross
> because we were the knights of the grail - hence engrailing.
> Others say that the four legs represent the rivers of paradise.
> But, if you look carefully at the engrailed crosses within Rosslyn
> Chapel you will find, if you cut off at the first knuckle, you are
> looking at the croix pattee of the Knights Templar - hidden but
> plain to see and, on the outside of the Chapel, there is the
> head of Hermes indicating the sealed secret within i.e. the
> association with the banned Templars.
> Niven
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