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Re: Iain Laird's Family History Project - Laird; Laing; Leith; Clan Sinclair; Caithness; Vikings; Norway & Pillarguri Days in Otta

>Thanks in particular to John Sinclair Quarterman who patiently re-set all
>the links to my temporary CompuServe site from his Clan Sinclair site
>www.mids.org/sinclair while I was setting up the new one.  John, I will
>leave that site up until you are ready for another re-linking exercise.  No
>hurry now! And thanks to everyone for their sympathy and encouragement while
>I was transferring and setting the new link and experiencing further
>problems with CompuServe.

All the relevant links are changed now.  Congratulations on your new site.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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