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Re: Articles about the Vikings & logs

Dear Niven,
                 How strange it is that most of us who have wandered the 
world, even in places that have a name for danger, seem to have had mostly 
positive experiences. Probably due to the old adage, 'Do unto others, as you 
would have them do unto you'!   Aside from a few snide remarks in B.C., about 
being a D.P. (displaced  person) when I first arrived in 1948 from Scotland, 
I must say the natives were in most cases, very friendly.  The fact that I 
stayed for ten years speaks for itself. I can imagine nostalgia causes a lot 
of your memories of Africa to be pleasant, perhaps more pleasant than actual 
reality.  I know my own memories always seem to be very pleasant and I have 
no intention of changing them.  It's much more pleasant to remember all the 
'good times'.  When we get together in July/August we shall have to discuss 
our timetable to produce our memoires!
          Very best regards,
           Donald J.H.
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