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Re: Re: sinclair stuff

Dear Kay,
Mary Berry (from the eastern shore of Maryland) married Samuel Sinclair, 
grandson of William Sinclair, in 1792.  In what year is it supposed that 
William received a letter from Scotland welcoming him to return there?  Are 
you aware that a story similar to your Nana's story circulates in another 
Sinclair line that is not connected to ours?  
I met Damon in February and we spent the morning sharing family stories, 
photos and treasures.  I especially like the one about the silver coffee pot! 
 I can see why you call him your favorite.  
Does Suzanne Haring have an email address?  Or is she on the list?  I would 
like to contact her.  How is Aunt Emily?  I have been meaning to write to her 
since winter!
Are you going to Scotland for the Gathering?  
Keep in touch! and where did you find the Eastern Shore Tobacco/library info? 
Cousin, Lynn
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