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Another bit of Sinclair history

When I was staying with Euan Sinclair last weekend, we went to church at
Pluscarden Abbey, near Elgin, Morayshire. This has been a Priory or Abbey
since about the thirteenth century and has now got a community of twenty
five Benedictine monks. As we went in Euan noticed some shields, including
one of the engrailled cross,  above the door where the monks enter the Abbey
Church. After the service we found the Abbot who told us that the shields
were those of the families that had owned the Abbey after the Reformation.
George IV Earl, with others, bought the Abbey and lands in 1662 but sold his
share two years later because of financial difficulty. Thus the house in
which Euan lives is therefore on land once owned by the family.

Malcolm Caithness

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