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Re: sinclair stuff

Dear Donald,  Best wishes with healing--that sounds like a challenge!  Of
course the Sinclairs of Kennett remember Longwood Gardens.  My grandfather
William Thomas Sinclair, Sr. used to take me there for the fountains,
Marine Band Concerts, and various stagings of The Story of Kennett--a novel
set about the time of the Revolution.  In fact, my cousin Jim Sinclair
played the part of Squire Samuel Sinclair and galloped onto the (outdoor)
stage at each performance.  You will be pleased to know that my uncle Damon
(John Damon Sinclair) was the electrical engineer who  set up the lighting
systems for the fountain displays.  He was a graduate of Drexel. After
Longwood was done, he continued to work for Dupont for all of his career. 
Hurry and get well,  Kay

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