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Titled Gentlemen

Dear Rory Old Friend
There are five points on which I wish to comment.
1.    In perusing your writings to the page, I would say your views were well right of center.
2.    How quickly one forgets, when it is convenient, that it was nice "titled gentlemen" with, then police and soldiers, under the guise of hereditary ownership, stole our ancestor's land, killed our people when they resisted.  Even burning some some of our elderly people in their homes to make way for pasturing sheep.
3.    This word NASCENT, it wasn't in my 4" dictionary so I had to go to my daughter's 5" one.  You have to remember that some of us are old country boys, with a great deal more hands-on practical experience rather than literary experience.
4.    I agree with you, offering large amounts of money would not work.  Those who have had their share of the world's wealth all their lives, plus hundreds of thousands of other people's shares, would not likely be moved by a little more money, even with the greed factor ruled out.
5.    Margaret Thatcher reinstated a fair amount of this "Titled" criminal nonsense, with hard earned tax payer's dollars as pensions in many cases.  Her right-wing mind set explains it well.  Some years back the UK worker's were complaining about a terrible housing shortage, with the Thatcher government doing nothing to remedy this problem.  Margaret got up on her soap-box and viciously attached the workers for complaining and whining about not having a home.  When at that very moment, she had nine homes.
My views on your views.
Donald H. Sinclair