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Re: Sinclair-St Louis, 1889-1890

When the Clan Commissioners and families in Northern California were planning 
what we liked to call "The First International Gathering of Clan Sinclair" in 
conjunction with the Santa Rosa Highland Games and Gathering on the first 
weekend of September, 1990, the group thought it would be a nice touch to 
have Sinclair Paint Co help out with a contribution of items with their logo 
on it to be given to participants.  I wrote to their Southern California 
headquarters to suggest this, and got a reply in due time.  Their 
representative said, in effect  "Sorry, this company was founded by two 
immigrant Greek gentlemen who thought that "Sinclair" would be a classy name 
for their new company.  Their were no people of that ilk involved with 
management, who opted to pass on our suggestion for helping out with our 

Sorry, as were we.    Ray Lower, ext clan tent cavalier, Norcal Sinclairs
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