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Re: Rosslyn Chapel

At 11:23 07/05/00 -0400, you wrote:
Hi Donald:
In my Canadian persona, I am a bit of a leftie.  Put that beside my deep interest in and respect for our titled Clansmen or as you put it "the trappings of the the old world [which will] be pushed aside" and you will have what might be perceived as a contradiction.
Not at all I hasten to add.  My respect for my Chief and for Peter St. Clair Erskine (The Earl of Rosslyn's real name) and for John Sinclair, Viscount Thurso stems in the first place from having met them and found them engaging and interested in what we are interested in as, for example, members of this list.  In addition, they members of our Clan AND,  are living representatives of our history and heritage and I for one take great pleasure in knowing that when I speak to Malcolm Caithness I am speaking to a direct descendant of Prince Henry Sinclair.  It may also be true that I (or you) are also direct descendants of Prince Henry but we cannot speak of ourselves with that way with the certainty that Malcolm can.  Call me crazy, but I like that.
As for the notion that Peter Rosslyn somehow is an "illegitimate" owner of Rosslyn Chapel at the expense of the world-wide Clan Sinclair I must confess that I am not a subsciber of such views.  Peter Rosslyn's ancestors inherited the Chapel and Castle through totally legal means and if we still believe in the idea of private property (the socialist dream of all property being held in common not yet having arrived) then his ownership need not be questioned anymore than my daughter's ownership of my house should be questioned when she inherits it on my death. 
Now, as to your nascent idea that the Clan can come up with some kind of monstrous some of cash in order to make some kind of offer that the Earl "cannot refuse" .... well, my opinion is that  it just ain't gonna happen.
My view is that the Earl has made an enormous gift of the Chapel to the Rosslyn Chapel Trust on a 99 year lease which means effectively that neither he, nor his children nor his children's children will ever "own" the Chapel in the sense that you and I mean own.  My view is that we would do well to support the RCT in its very long-term plan to see to it that the physical fabric of the building is preserved and protected for future generations.  The Trust is regularly audited by the Scottish Government and all plans for the preservation of the building are monitored by Historic Scotland.  I think the Chapel is being extraordinarily well-attended to and any great sums of cash that the Clan could raise should go directly to  this enterprise and not to satisfyng some idea of "Clan ownership.  Indeed, I have no problem in declaring that the present owner is all of: Peter Rosslyn, The RCT, the people of Scotland as represented by Historic Scotland and the Sinclair diaspora ie. US!
These are my views and not the official views of anyone else.
Curious as to your views on my views.
Love your spunky contributions to the list.
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Date: Friday, May 05, 2000 7:07 PM
Subject: Rosslyn Chapel

Dear Rory:
Good common sense letter!  I believe the difficulties involved and influential pressures needed are well understood.  This project will take a long time and require a great deal of goodwill with much political lobbying.  If the Sinclair Clan worldwide can get their act together (many thousands are not computer literate yet), and recruit a trusted core of people to raise a great deal of money required to reclaim Sinclair assets.  Sinclairs may be a little crusty and cantankerous, but treated with respect and convinced of a "Sinclair Cause," they will respond from their pockets.  In looking at Rosslyn's Page, it looks like the Chapel Association is doing a good job of maintaining our Sinclair Church.  Do you know what The Earl of Rosslyn's real name is?  When all the trappings of the old world are pushed aside, or how he acquired the paper title to the Sinclair Rosslyn Chapel?
Donald H. Sinclair