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Re: Sinclair Dates

Privateers sent me most of the items that appeared today in the subject
message today.

This one particularly caught my eye:

>   In 1189: Hamburg Hanseatic, [6]The Kaiser Fiedrich Barbarossa granted
>   customs and commercial rights to [7]the German town of Hamburg. One of
>   the first members of the Hanseatic League. .

This is the same year that Richard Lionheart of England offered cancelling
of the Treaty of Falaise to William the Lyon of Scotland for 10,000 marks
(Wm. accepted).  Richard's reason for doing so is well known: to raise
money for the Third Crusade.  Fredrick Barbarossa was another of the
three royal leaders of that Crusade (the third being Philip II Augustus
of France).  Did Barbarossa grant those rights to Hamburg in exchange
for money for use on the Crusade?

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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