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Re: George Frederic Sinclair ancestries

Hi! I'm also a Sinclair who spent 38 years in Quebec Provine (Montreal  area) 
who has an interesst in genealogy.

As I have an Acadian wife from Tracadie NB; I also have occassion to travel 
the Maritimes.Stopping in Port Royal NS where I acquired a book publisheed by 
Historical Assoc. Of Annapolis Royal zip B0S 1A0. In it they identify a 
building I still found standing known as Sinclair Inn that mentioned one 
Frederic Sinclair. Prior to his owning it ( probably 1714-1738) it was a shop 
for Jean Baptiste Soulard, a Quebec Silversmith. I wonder if there was a 
Soulard/Sinclair  or Quebec/Sinclair relationship?

Also, I have heard or seen that when Sir William Alexander created the 
Baronets of Nova Scotia in 1625 there was a Sinclair who was one of the 
Barons. Did he or his family stay?  Your reference to Sullivan Maine is 

Any comments?

Yours Aye!
Rick Sinclair
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