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George Frederic Sinclair ancestries

I am looking for any informations on ancestries of  the first Sinclair came in the east of Quebec province.His father was Georges Frederic Sinclair(born around 1780)and married to Mary Peters(born around 1780),there were from
Sullivan Maine. His son, Jean-Jacob came in Quebec province. He stay a short time in St-Basile of Madawaska (2 or 3 months).He established finally in Rimouski,Quebec,Canada.Jean Jacob Sinclair married to Marcelline Sirois(Pierre, Josephte Chaloux)in 23 nov. 1823 at Rimouski. 
	Starting from this point, I have all the informations on Sinclair descendants in the East of Quebec province,in Canada.So if you find or have any informations please let me know. Please help !!!
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