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Re: Clan Memberships

Hello List members ---

>From MacBain's Gaelic Etymological Dictionary ::

clann ::

children, clan, so Irish, Old Irish cland, Welsh plant, *qlanatâ: 
Indo-European root qel;
Greek @Gtélos, company; Old Slavonic celjadi@u, family, Lithuanian kiltis = 
Lettic zilts,
race, stock; Sanskrit kúla, race. Some have added Latin populus. Usually 
regarded as
borrowed from Latin planta, a sprout, English plant, whence Gaelic clannach, 

SO ----- perhaps we can settle on stock / race /company / sprout / people ????


Since our origins precede the Sanskrit language , should we search even 
further back in time for a satisfactory term ???

I am reminded of my Latin studies ; SENATUS POPULUSQUE ROMANORUM ;
" The Senate and the PEOPLE of Rome " -- perhaps the term "" Sinclair People 
"' best describes us ????

Niven and John Q.  -- you are to be congratulated on your dry  humor :) !!

Joe Greigg
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