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Islay Sinclairs

Hi Toni,

Thank you for your information on Duncan Sinclair.

The only information I have on Duncan Sinclair is:
 (1) his marriage to Mary McGibbon on 18th April 1828 at Kildalton and

(2) in the 1851 census he was described as aged 64 (i.e. born c 1787)
occupation Pauper formerly Shepherd. His family in the census were: Mary
(wife) aged 47, John (son) aged 13, Hugh (son) aged 11, Janet (daughter)
aged 8, and Mary (daughter) aged 6. All birthplaces were given as Bowmore,

Again thank you for your help and I would appreciate any further information
if you have any, or any other thoughts that might help me.


Michael Collins

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